Mindy’s On the Mend

Mindy McCready, a prominent-yet-troubled country music singer, is in rehab after a stop at the emergency room in Tennessee. According to her rep’s release in PEOPLE, Mindy “receive[d] emergency care at Vanderbilt University Medical Center” and then “Other issues made it prudent for her to seek longer-term and broader-based treatment.” TMZ reported:

Mindy McCready is going back to rehab after trying to do herself in with her favorite swiggable and pharmaceutical — vodka and Ambien — and we hear Dr. Phil’s inserting himself in the whole she-bang.

TMZ has learned the troubled McCready went off the deep end late last week after getting dumped by her boyfriend and collapsed while on the phone with her mother. She downed a bottle of vods and pills in what we’re told was a “suicide attempt.”

Between Mindy’s on-again, off-again relationship, custody battles for her son, and the aforementioned drug conviction, she’s had some rough times. Maybe Mindy’s getting on the straight-and-narrow before her reality show and documentary are released? Sounds like a good idea to me.