Kim Kardashian’s Twitter, Instagram Post Showing North West Wearing Pearls Before Bed Brings Buzz

Kim Kardashian posted a sweet photo of North wearing pearls on both the official Kardashian Instagram and Twitter accounts as the duo prepared for bedtime. It didn’t take long for users to wonder if Kim would remove the pearls from around her little girl’s neck prior to Nori falling asleep to avoid going to bed with a choking or strangling hazard.

“Reading books before bedtime!”

Soon after being posted to Twitter, the photo was shared nearly 2,000 times, and Kardashian followed up the pearl necklace photo with another pic that shows Kim kissing North. Both photos are pretty dimmed, but the Daily Mail has lightened the photo of North wearing pearls with Kim, and also pontificates over whether or not Kardashian took the necklace off of her daughter prior to officially falling asleep.

Nevertheless, fans and detractors of Kardashian took to the comments section on Kim’s Instagram page to let her know their thoughts of her fashion choices, as always, be they positive or negative in nature.

“Over dressed for bed. Get comfortable first.”


“With pearls so cute.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, many members of the Kardashian clan traveled to Paris for Fashion Week, and Kris Jenner posted an Instagram video that summarized their activities in the City of Lights, a photo montage tribute set to Kanye West’s “All Day” song. Kim also made the news recently for sporting a new and lighter shade of platinum blonde hair, a move that also found fans reacting on Instagram and wondering about the colorist who changed Kardashian’s hair to a lighter hue. That shoutout came soon enough via Kim’s Instagram page.

“It’s hard out here for a platinum pimp! Thank you @FredericMennetrier for touching up my blonde!”

According to the Daily Mail‎, it was L’ Atelier Blanc salon that helped Kim keep her locks looking light and tight, reporting that Kardashian hit up the high-end spot again on Monday in order to freshen up her dark roots. As far as Kim’s inspiration for going nearly white-blonde, look no further than ’80s icon Madonna as her inspiration, Kim explained to People.

“I’ve always had this image of Madonna with platinum hair in my references folder on my computer and I’ve been waiting a long time to try the look.”

Now that little North has been spotted on social media wearing a pearl necklace, expect a Kardashian line of baby jewelry to emerge.

[Image via Kim Kardashian Instagram]