Woman Allegedly Cut Baby’s Throat With Circular Saw Because She Was Crying

A Chicago baby is dead and a 52-year-old woman in the custody of police after authorities say she murdered the infant. ABC News 7 reports that the 9-month-old girl’s body was found around the 2800-block of South Avers Avenue on Monday morning, at approximately 9:40 a.m., and was pronounced dead at the apartment where she was horrifically murdered.

Raw Story reports that the 52-year-old relative became frustrated when the infant would not stop crying. That is when she allegedly murdered the infant by taking an electric-powered circular saw to the baby’s throat, severing the baby girl’s vital arteries. The woman also attempted suicide. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance with multiple self-inflicted wounds on her body.

The identity of the woman believed responsible for the infant’s slaying is not being released in all media reports. However, a neighbor who was near the scene says that the apartment is inhabited by a couple and their two daughters — one of whom is an adult. The father was not at the scene when the murder took place but was called from work by police.

Police have confirmed that the suspect’s self-inflicted injuries were non-life threatening, and she is currently in stable condition at Mount Sinai Hospital. The details surrounding this case are still developing, so it’s not known for certain if this was a mother or other family member, but police have confirmed that the suspect is a relative to the slain baby.

This is sadly not the only time a child has been murdered in such a horrific way. Back in 2012, a New Jersey mom named Chevonne Thomas reportedly decapitated her son. The Village Voice reports that she tried to commit suicide by slicing her own throat, though she survived. In 2009 a San Antonio mother named Otty Sanchez mutilated her 3-week-old son before trying to take her own life as well. She also survived the suicide attempt. In 1996, Darlie Routier famously murdered two of her children. She cut her own throat in order to fake an attack, staging the crime scene to avoid detection. She lived, and her plan failed. She was put on death row for her crimes.

NBC News reports that the 52-year-old suspect attempted to commit suicide by way of a shotgun. She also tried to suffocate the baby before she ultimately cut her throat with the power saw. The news report also indicates that the woman may have been the infant’s grandmother, revealing that one of the daughters in the home is a grown woman. The family are described as “great people” by neighbors.

[Photo: Screenshot of news report/ABC News 7]