‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Spoilers: Conflicted Feelings Ahead Of Final Rose Ceremony, He Admits

Chris Soules of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season admits that he was a wreck heading into his final rose ceremony. While he struggled with some decisions leading to his final two, it seems that last decision was the toughest of all. Monday night, fans will see if he chooses Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff, and Bachelor spoilers indicate that he didn’t have an easy time of it.

Us Weekly shares that Chris Soules admits he was a stressed-out wreck heading into that final rose ceremony airing Monday night in the 2015 season finale. Chris says that as that big moment neared, he struggled with sleeplessness, a racing heart, and even moments of hyperventilating. Host Chris Harrison adds that Soules truly was a wreck and there were both temper tantrums and tears.

Chris struggled in choosing to let Kaitlyn Bristowe go in Bali, worried that he had made the wrong decision. Viewers know that Soules had some similar struggles in letting Jade Roper go after the hometown dates as well. Sources say that Soules dealt with a lot of conflicted feelings in those final eliminations and that he was genuinely in love with both Becca and Whitney.

Viewers have seen that Whitney feels ready to commit to Chris and a life in Iowa, while Becca hesitates. The families will meet with both women in Monday’s finale, facing tough questions. Bachelor spoilers from Us Weekly claim that ultimately the runner-up just wasn’t all that into Chris and that may well have paved the way to that final rose decision.

Will there be a happy ending? Chris says that he is in love and he and his final lady are developing their relationship outside the show. He’s reportedly headed to DWTS after the finale, so fans will be curious to see how that goes.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have said for months now that Soules’ final rose and an engagement ring go to Whitney Bischoff and fans can’t wait to see if that is indeed true. Despite the doubt of some fans, Steve is sticking by his Bachelor spoilers heading into this final episode.

Does Chris Soules propose to Whitney Bischoff and does she accept? What will Becca Tilley have to say about it all at the live “After the Final Rose” special? Who will be The Bachelorette 2015 lead for Season 11, as the show has confirmed an announcement will be made Monday?

Fans will get answers to all of those questions and more when ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 finale with Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff, and Becca Tilley airs on Monday, March 9.

[Image via ABC]