‘The Voice’ Recap: Blind Auditions Are Done And The Battle Rounds Begin!

The Voice has finally wrapped up blind auditions for the show’s eighth season! It wasn’t easy. At this stage of the game, the Voice judges each have limited spaces available. This means there’s no room for mistakes and mediocrity. If a hopeful wants to feature in this season of The Voice, he or she is going to have to be amazing.

We were fortunate enough to get a few of those type of performances on Monday night. Competition was fierce between judges. To the point where, as we saw in a preview, the Voice coaches were actively undermining each other. Pharrell Williams was trying to woo a singer to his team, but kept getting interfered with by Adam Levine. At a point, Pharrell “thanked” Adam for ruining his pitch.

As it turns out, Levine was the first to fill his team on the final night of blind auditions after acquiring 17-year-old Nathan Hermida. The Voice hopeful had the choice of either him or Christina (Pharrell Williams clearly regretted not turning for the teen) and opted for the “Sugar” singer. With the teen in his stable, it also meant that he missed out on Paul Pfau.

As this was the final night of blinds, the judges were especially choosy as there were four slots left. Although the singers had some talent, at this stage, it was clear that those final spots on The Voice were reserved for artists who might win the show. Perhaps persons who just missed out will be back in future seasons.

Christina was sorry to not be able to turn her chair for big-voiced singer Caitlin Caporale. However, the talented Voice hopeful eventually ended up on Team Pharrell. As a treat for the audience, the two women performed a wonderful impromptu duet of the song “Impossible.”

For Monday’s episode of The Voice, the series did a first by ending the blind auditions and going right into the exciting battle rounds. This is the portion of the show where the talented artists go head-to-head in challenging duets. While the artists may sound good together, it’s important to remember that the Voice judges are trying to weigh who to keep and which hopefuls to let go.

This season of The Voice had some big name guest mentors for this portion of the competition. Adam Levine worked with pop star Ellie Goulding, Blake Shelton brought in Meghan Trainor, Christina Aguilera’s advisor was Nick Jonas, and Pharrell Williams sought the advice of R&B legend Lionel Richie.

The Voice coaches are now beginning to critique their singers and help them improve their chances of winning the show. Ashley on Team Pharrell was advised to throw away her technique and allow herself to be more personable and vulnerable. It was clear that the feedback was taken to heart, as she came back much more sure and stronger.

The teams on The Voice have finally taken shape. Which coach do you think has the best chance of winning Season 8?

[Image Credit: The Voice]