Ex-Stripper: Sex Traffickers’ Dirty World Is Being Reduced With Help From Windie Lazenko

An ex-stripper is taking on sex traffickers and the dark, dirty world they operate. She understands their ways because she’s lived it since she was 13-years-old. Fox News reports that Windie Lazenko is using what she knows as her weapon against those running the sex trade business.

Lazenko used to strip for remote strip clubs that catered oil field workers in North Dakota. She was led to the lifestyle after running away at 13, a move that resulted in her being bought and sold as a prostitute. Porn and stripping weren’t far behind — doing all of this for 20 years. When the ex-stripper moved to Montana, she wanted to help at-risk girls who might be recruited for prostitution in the Bakken oilfields. Lazenko is now considered one of the “most prominent” activists in her battle against sex traffickers. Her support and resource group is called 4her North Dakota; it helps victimized women.

The former stripper is no stranger to working with the FBI, law enforcement, and federal prosecutors. She also speaks of her experience at churches and schools. After leaving the sex trade at the age of 32, Lazenko is a force to be reckoned with.

“I speak their language from the get-go. I’m not law enforcement. I’m not out there to bust them. They don’t have to play the game with me. They’re going to respect me and I’m going to respect them…. I know what it is to be out there.”

She wants to create an emergency shelter for sex trafficking victims. Domestic violence shelters are overcrowded and many women from the sex trade have expressed that they have special needs. Lazenko reassures the women that they’re meant to have a better life.

“I tell them that they were created for more than this, that they have value and talents and they deserve a better life,” she says. “There’s hope, there’s hope. It’s just a reminder for me too, that even on the bad days, there is hope.”

She’s a mother of five children — all of whom she has a fractured relationship with. They range from 18 to 28 years of age. China Topix adds that the 46-year-old woman also has three grandchildren.

The state legislature is working on making stricter laws against the sex trade by increasing penalties for pimps and allow more funding for sex trafficking victims.

After leading a life of exploitation that launched from sexual abuse as a child, Windie Lazenko, is turning her horrible experience into something good for those who feel they have no hope. This ex-stripper who takes on sex traffickers has already proven to help many victims.

[Photo Credit: Wendie Lazenko/Facebook]