Meghan Trainor Shares Her Secret Rules For Dating

Meghan Trainor has become famous both for her catchy melodies, and her body-positive messages in songs like All About That Bass and Lips Are Moving. But Meghan’s private love life is a lot more modest than fans of her music videos might suspect.

Meghan Trainor spoke to Top of the Pops magazine about dating life and admitted that she doesn’t actually go out with guys all that often. Meghan does, however, have a small set of rules for dating that she abides by when she does hit the dating scene.

According to Contact Music, Meghan Trainor swears she would never date the ex-boyfriend of one of her friends without getting permission first. If, by chance, Meghan ever discovered that she was deeply attracted to a guy that one of her close buddies used to date, she would first ask her friend if it was okay before she turned on the charm.

“First of all, I would ask her if she was OK with it,” Meghan said, “and if she wasn’t OK with it then I’d say move along!”

Trainor also admitted that she has a hard time meeting guys, or at least finding guys that she likes. But perhaps that’s just because she took the advice that Jennifer Lopez gave her at the Grammy Awards this year. Meghan explained to E! on the red carpet that JLo encouraged her to “be very picky and know what you deserve.”

Despite the lukewarm state of her love life and her pickiness, Meghan Trainor has some dating advice of her own.

“Go out with your mates when they ask you to. I stay home a lot, but if I went out, I’d meet more boys. Love yourself more. Be positive. Take risks.”

If there’s one thing Meghan Trainor has never been, it’s shy. According to Web Pro News, Trainor has been clinging tight to the advice her parents gave her early in life–some of which made it into the lyrics of All About That Bass.

“My mom told me to always not worry about your size and be very confident,” Meghan Trainor explained. “But I think that [my dad] was the one who really said, ‘Don’t worry, baby — boys like booty to hold at night.’ My mom’s too sweet, she’s too innocent.”

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