Rumor: Xbox One Exclusive ‘Quantum Break’ Pushed To 2016, But Can Source Be Believed?

The Xbox One line-up of games may be one lighter if an alleged Dutch community coordinator for Microsoft is to be believed. Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break was expected to be available sometime in 2015, but may be pushed back to 2016 for extra baking. There are plenty of questions about the source of this rumor though.

Quantum Break is “likely delayed” until early 2016 according to Dae Jim, who calls himself “a Dutch Community and Social Media Coordinator at Microsoft.” The game never had an official release date announced by either Microsoft or Remedy, but Xbox One fans had hoped to see the third-person shooter with a time manipulation hook this year.

Got some bad news #Xbox gamers, #QuantumBreak is likely delayed, coming early 2016!

— Dae Jim (@Dae_Jim) March 9, 2015

Jim was quick to note that he is not an official source, however. Quantum Break and Xbox One fans on social media, NeoGAF, and Reddit all leapt on his Twitter post and began debating its truthfulness. The community coordinator responded to questions and clarified his position with the company as well.

Hello #NeoGaf,just to clarify I’m using likely because it’s still a rumor and I cannot confirm it myself.Please wait for official PR from MS — Dae Jim (@Dae_Jim) March 9, 2015

It’s more than a bit odd to see a Microsoft employee posting a delay rumor such as this. Those employees actively promoting Xbox One and its games typically stay away from such speculation and stick to planned announcements, veiled teases, or just asking specific fan questions. To make things more odd, Xbox Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg says he’s never even heard of Dae Jim.

It’s probably best to put an extra pinch of salt on this rumor, especially since Quantum Break for now.

That said, the Xbox One line-up won’t be greatly harmed if Quantum Break is indeed an early 2016 release. The current fall slate of exclusives includes Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 5, Fable Legends, and at least one or two more AAA releases.

I’ve contacted Microsoft about this rumor. I expect to hear “Microsoft does not comment on speculation or rumor,” but will update this article if there is additional information.

[Images via Quantum Break]