Ryan Gosling Puts On His Dancing Shoes (And His ‘Hammer’ Pants) [Video]

Ryan Gosling fans are celebrating technology today, as they take in early 1990s videos of the movie star showing off his dance moves.

The videos, which randomly appeared on YouTube yesterday, are said to be from 1992 and star a 12-year-old Gosling sporting the threads of the era (classic MC Hammer pants), and unsurprisingly, even then young Ryan was the featured lone male dancer in a sea of young women.

Watch it here:

Fans of Gosling aren’t surprised to see Ryan’s ability to groove. Gosling got his first big break as one of the cast members of The All New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 to 1995, where he showed off his singing and dancing moves alongside other triple threats Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

Ryan Gosling’s role as Noah in the classic romance The Notebook catapulted the tiny dancer from supporting actor to leading man and his turn as Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love ensured his sex symbol status, prompting endless social media “Hey girl…” memes bearing his likeness. Gosling, however, has never fully embraced that label. When Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth was recently named People Magazine‘s Sexiest Man, reports surfaced that Gosling had turned down the award multiple times despite his fans advocating on his behalf for the title.

Ryan’s reluctance to accept his role as a sex symbol could stem from a recent stalking scare with a crazed fan. In November of last year, Gosling was issued a temporary restraining order for a woman by the name of Grace Marie Del Villar. According to court records, Del Villar had been emailing the actor repeatedly and sending him unsolicited packages.

Gosling was devastated in January when a judge refused to extend the restraining order due to Ryan’s legal team’s inability to locate the stalker to serve it. The order was meant to protect not only Gosling, but his girlfriend actress Eva Mendes and their newborn daughter as well.

But despite his issues with one fan who’s gone rogue, Gosling was a good sport about the unearthed videos and is taking them in stride, first re-Tweeting this:

Ryan Gosling responded.

Gosling had taken a sabbatical from his Twitter account back in 2013 and only rejoined the Twittersphere last month.

And from the overwhelming internet response to the videos on Facebook and Twitter, it’s clear that fans find Ryan Gosling to be the quintessential entertainer, Hammer pants and all.

[Image courtesy of Ivan Gavan/Getty Images]