Dad Gets Angry While Play-Wrestling With Five-Year-Old Son, Breaks Child’s Collarbone With Body Slam

Most parents will tell you the most important thing to remember when horsing around with your kids is to be careful and remember that it’s all a game. Unfortunately, one father in Muncie, Indiana seemed to forget those rules when play-wrestling with his 5-year-old son. Thirty-one-year-old Michael Stewart Forehand Jr. lost his temper during the play session and body slammed his son onto a toy race track, breaking his collarbone in the process.

According to the Star Press, Forehand was arrested this past Thursday on charges of battery and neglect of a dependent. Local police claim that Forehand’s son accidentally kicked him in the face while the two of them were wrestling, which provoked the father into retaliation.

“[He] grabbed [my son] and slammed him down hard on the floor on top of a hard plastic race car track,” the boy’s mother told Muncie police officers.

At first, the Forehands didn’t know anything was seriously wrong with the child. After being body slammed, the boy lay on the race track crying for quite a while. His mother reported that he “had trouble holding up his head and did not want to play.”

According to the grandmother of the boy, Forehand’s only reaction was to buy some pain killers for his son and then leave for work. It wasn’t until after the father was gone that the grandmother was able to contact the boy’s mother and take the victim to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

The boy’s dad had broken his son’s collarbone, which a nurse at the emergency room realized right away, according to the affidavit. One of the officers on the scene reported that the boy was in excruciating pain and had trouble lifting his shirt for examination.

Forehand tried his best to defend himself, asking police when he was taken into custody if he could provide his own account of the incident. But the report claims that the dad had already been “trying to tell [his son] what to say” to the police.

While Forehand probably didn’t intend to break his son’s collarbone, he has been charged with causing serious bodily injury to the boy. He’s currently being held in the Delaware County jail under a bond of $20,000. His name appeared on Thursday’s Delaware County arrest log.

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