Jax Taylor & The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Pre-Reunion: Were They Nervous?

Was Jax Taylor nervous to film the Vanderpump Rules Season 3 reunion? In a video clip, shared by Bravo on March 9, Taylor and the cast are seen pre-reunion, revealing their thoughts on the upcoming taping.

“Does she look familiar?” Jax Taylor asked about a tattoo, which was seen on his arm as he prepared to film the special.

Jax Taylor’s tattoo, which was of a blonde woman, was two-faced, with one natural side, and the other looking a bit evil.

“There’s a reason behind this.. I can’t tell you right now.”

“I’m nervous for myself, and also, for everyone,” Katie Maloney said. “I mean, see, I haven’t talked to Stassi in a while.”

During Vanderpump Rules Season 3, Maloney and Schroeder, who dated Jax Taylor for the show’s first two seasons, had a falling out after years of friendship. Apparently, according to Schroeder, Maloney betrayed her by becoming friends with Scheana Marie, whom they previously did not like.

Ahead of Marie’s bachelorette party in Miami, she and Maloney had a conversation, during which they decided to end their feud, and give each other another chance. For Maloney, making amends with Marie, who is a friend of her boyfriend, improved her relationship, because she no longer had to avoid certain situations.

While Maloney attempted to tell Schroeder of her decision a few times after their chat occurred, Schroeder was giving her the silent treatment, and eventually found out she would be traveling to Miami through Marie.

Although Maloney and Schroeder attempted to mend their relationship after Maloney returned from the east coast, the pair were unable.

“I would advise her to tread lightly, because she doesn’t want to get us fired up, especially me,” Tom Schwartz, boyfriend of Maloney added, then joking, “Is Stassi going to require security guards to be standing next other while she’s in the same room as [Jax Taylor]?”

As Jax Taylor’s ex-girlfriend downed a shot of some sort of dark liquor, she told the cameras, “You can only prepare for so much. You can’t prepare for eight hours of, like, 10 people coming at you.”

As the Inquisitr reported, there have been several reports of Schroeder possibly quitting the show at what Classicalite called a traumatic reunion.

Despite their dramatic past, Maloney still has hope for her friendship with Schroeder, and planned to address their issues during filming.

“I would like to, really, in terms of Stassi, like, once again, explain to her this wasn’t an act of betrayal, and that I felt like her cutting me off was a little extreme, very extreme, actually.”

For more Jax Taylor, tune into the Vanderpump Rules reunion tonight at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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