Google shooting for solving the impossible with its "Solve for X" project

Steven Hodson

If there is one thing you can say about Google it is that it isn't afraid of trying to the impossible, or at least try to help solve the impossible - the "X" questions of our world and lives.

This is the reasoning behind the launch of a new Google project, and site, called "Solve for X" which is intended to be a conference for the big thinkers of our world to come together and take a second look at the so-called radical idea meant to solve global problems.

If you are getting flashes of the famous 'elitist' TED conferences you would probably be right as this would appear to be who Google is directing this new conference directly at. It would also appear that Google isn't taking the slow track with the conference either as VentureBeat reports that Google has already held an inaugural conference over the weekend.

Apparently the subjects that were talked about included transforming education, improvements in agriculture, synthetic biology and carbon-negative biofuels. Richard DeVaul has said that Google will be making videos of the presentations available on YouTube later today.

The Solve for X conference seems to go hand-in-hand with Google X, the company’s secret lab for fantastical endeavors. The Solve for X site isn’t yet open to the public, but you can sign up to be alerted when it does. Google has released a short promo video (above), and other clues have popped up over the weekend as well, like instructions for presenters hidden within the CSS code of the site.

via VentureBeat

via VentureBeat