Casey Anthony Wins Bankruptcy Case, Jose Baez Repayment Argued, Man Investigating False Claims Projected To Receive $22,000

Casey Anthony continues to dominate the headlines after being acquitted of murdering two-year-old Caylee Anthony. Most recently, she has been accused of living off the kindess of others while ignoring death threats from the people that feel she is guilty of murder. Casey Anthony’s name appeared in court records again, in February, in regards to filing for bankruptcy to relieve herself of the burden of bills that piled up over the course of her trial. According to records of the court, Casey Anthony had approximately $25,000 available to be distributed among her creditors, falling well short of the $792,000 she owes.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy was filed in 2013 to relieve her of nearly $792,000 in debts she gained while attempting to prove her innocence in the death of Caylee Anthony. Of the $792,000, Jose Baez claims he is owed nearly $400,000, and feels he should be awarded any monetary compensation that is being offered by the courts. However, the courts have determined that Casey’s assets, equaling nearly $25,000 she borrowed to return the rights of her story back to her, should be distributed to the court trustees.

Stephen Meininger, the bankruptcy trustee, believes at least $22,000 of the $25,000 should be awarded to his attorney, Allan Watkins. Watkins claims he spent much of his time exploring false claims and exhausted much more in resources than the $22,000 he would receive. According to bankruptcy law, the trustee and his or her representation have legal rights to all funds prior to anyone else. Since the money was loaned to Casey, the money is set to go back to the trustee once she filed for bankruptcy, according to CBS Miami.

The remaining $3,000 has not been distributed publicly at this time. However, it is doubtful that Baez will see any of it. Speculation surrounding Casey’s benefactors and enablers hint that she is living a decent lifestyle post murder trial, even with the $25,000 stripped from her possession.

Whether or not Casey Anthony decides to participate in releasing her story in the future us unknown. However, if released at the right time, it could make her a plethora of money, especially if she decides to travel the interview circuit and subject herself to questioning.

Casey Anthony will forever be embedded into popular culture as the mother of Caylee Anthony. However, even in exile, she finds a way to remain in the headlines.

[Photo by Pool/Getty Images]