Have Archaeologists Discovered Jesus Christ’s Childhood Home?

A recent report from the UK’s Mirror newspaper says that researchers may have discovered the childhood home of Jesus Christ, AKA Jesus Of Nazareth. British archaeologist Dr. Ken Dark said that the home discovered in northern Israel could belong to Mary and Joseph, who raised the boy from an infant.

While Dr. Dark does not feel there is enough evidence from an archaeological standpoint to say whether or not the limestone home did belong to Jesus, a report from National Desert News says he doesn’t believe it should be brushed aside.

“Was this the house where Jesus grew up? It is impossible to say on archaeological grounds…On the other hand, there is no good archaeological reason why such an identification should be discounted.”

The home is located beneath the Sisters Of Nazareth Convent, and is described as being “cut from a limestone hillside” and contains a series of rooms as well as a stairway. Research into the home has been ongoing since the 1880s.

A Jesuit priest named Henri Senes continued the excavation of the home in 1936, but it wasn’t until 2006 when Dr. Dark and his team unearthed a series of limestone items, which suggests the home belonged to a Jewish family, similar to the one Jesus Christ was suspected to have been a part of.

One of the most significant pieces of evidence that links the site to Jesus is a pilgrim document entitled “De Locus Santics” which was written in 670 A.D. and is allegedly based on a pilgrimage in which a Frankish bishop by the name of Arculf talks about a “house in which the Lord was nourished in his infancy.”

Dr. Dark says the document refers to two churches, one of them is believed to be the Church Of Annunciation.

“The other stood nearby and was built near a vault that also contained a spring and the remains of two tombs. Between these two tombs was the house in which Jesus was raised. From this is derived the more recent name for the church that Adomnàn described.”

It’s not unusual for Jesus Christ to be featured in the news, but a more unusual story occurred last month when someone reported seeing the image of Jesus on a tortilla chip, saying the image was burned into the center of it.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the discovery does point to evidence of the limestone excavation being Jesus Christ’s childhood home? Let us know in the comments.