‘Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers For The Finale: Chris Soules Picks A Ring, Reality Steve Shares Scoop

Chris Soules makes his big choice Monday night on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 finale. It’s down to Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff and everybody heads to Iowa for a final chance to make a lasting final impression. What are the latest Bachelor spoilers available for the March 9 finale?

ABC News shares a Bachelor sneak peek showing Neil Lane in Iowa with Chris Soules. They are going through the process of choosing an engagement ring, and Chris talks about the difficult decision ahead. This sneak peek also shows a bit of both Becca and Whitney getting ready for that final rose ceremony.

Though usually the final rose ceremony takes place somewhere exotic, this time it is in Iowa on property belonging to the Soules family. Given how the big obstacle this season has been Soules figuring out whether his ladies are really ready for a life in Iowa, the setting seems a fitting one.

Throughout the past few episodes, much of the storyline has been that Whitney is all-in for a life as a farmer’s wife in Iowa, despite loving her career. On the other hand, Becca is more reserved when it comes to relationships and she is hesitant about commiting to the future this decision would hold.

Despite the drama teased in the Bachelor spoiler previews, Reality Steve’s spoilers say nothing has changed. He has been saying since November that Soules’ final rose goes to Whitney over Becca and Steve says that is still what his sources indicate.

People have been seeing plenty of teases from those with the show that there’s a big and dramatic shocker ahead during Monday’s finale. Naturally that leads many to wonder if Chris chooses Becca over Whitney, but Reality Steve says he’s sticking by his spoilers regarding Chris’ engagement.

What is the big shocker? Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that he suspects it actually has to do with the Bachelorette 2015 lead decision rather than anything regarding Chris’ engagement to Whitney. However, even Steve admits he doesn’t know quite what it is that is supposedly going to be so stunning.

Chris has consistently said since filming wrapped that he’s in love and happy with his final gal. There’s word that he’s headed to Dancing With the Stars this spring and everybody hopes that his apparent fiancee will be in the audience cheering him on each week. Will ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 finale have a true shocker for viewers, Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley? One way or another, it all plays out on Monday, March 9.

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]