Man’s 365-Day Proposal Video Goes Viral, Gets Yes For An Answer

Man's 365-Day Proposal Goes Viral, Gets Yes For An Answer

A 365-day proposal ended up getting yes for an answer. Dean Smith started making the videos on January 8, 2014, but girlfriend Jennifer Kessel had no idea. As of today, the video has nearly 8 million views.

Smith’s plan was to pop the big question to Kessel on her 26th birthday during a family vacation in Aruba. Until that time, he made a video each day, holding up whiteboards and declaring his love.

In the videos, he was engaged in everyday activities like brushing his teeth, holding a puppy, and eating breakfast. Snippets of the couple spending time together also appear throughout the footage.

I knew that Jennifer was a fan of proposal videos on YouTube and would tear up at the sincerity and thoughtfulness of each proposal. She showed several of them to me, and I decided that I wanted to make her tear up to her own proposal.

Bruno Mars, of “Uptown Funk” fame, even weighed in on the viral romance.

Here’s the story…

On Jan. 8, 2015, sister Jacklyn went to Jennifer’s room with a small whiteboard wishing her a Happy Birthday! The instructions were for Kessel to head to the hotel lobby. When she arrived, her brother Joe, held up another whiteboard with a message stating Kessel should head to the hotel bar. There, Jennifer was met with another sign telling her to go to the beach.

Upon arrival, Jennifer was met by her father and stepmother who handed her a device to watch the 365-day proposal video. In it, Dean explains to his intended that he decided a year previously that she was the perfect girl for him and wanted to make the countdown to his Aruba proposal special.

For the next year, I’ll show you how much I love you and that you’re in my thoughts every day. I want to marry you.

After splicing bits of footage together into a video for Jennifer, she watched the 365-day proposal for the first time on a beach at the Playa Linda Resort in Aruba on her birthday.

As the video reached the end, there is one last proposal from the previous day, and the whiteboard states that Jennifer should turn around. When she does, Dean is standing there with yet another sign asking Jennifer, “Will you marry me?”

His timing is perfect, because the sun was setting on the Caribbean beach.

The thoughtfulness that went into making this video is truly beyond any words that I have. When I turned around and saw Dean standing in front of me, we both broke down in tears.

Jennifer’s answer was yes, and she will become Mrs. Smith if she decides to change her last name.

The 365-day proposal was an idea that Dean got from Jennifer’s love for wedding countdown videos.

[Image: Huffington Post]