Father Beats Pedophile To Death For Trying To Lure His 11-Year-Old Daughter, Posts Shocking Footage Of Beating Online

Shocking footage of a father beating a pedophile to death has surfaced online. The father has reportedly resolved a situation that could have possibly led to the assault of his 11-year-old daughter. According to the Mirror, the father learned of the man’s online relationship with his daughter.

Based on the nature of their conversations, it was easy to tell that the man was much older than his daughter – a potential pedophile who was well aware he was conversing with an underage girl. Then to make matters worse, Metro reports that the online relationship had been going on for months. However, that’s not all. The man had reportedly been making plans to take things further.

He had also made plans to meet the young girl in person. Needless to say, the father was outraged. But, instead of reporting the man to local police, he decided to take the law into his own hands. Mirror reports the unnamed father allegedly beat the 23-year-old man to death for targeting his daughter. Then, to make matters worse, footage of the assault has surfaced online.

Several news outlets report that the father uploaded the disturbing footage to LiveLeak. The one-minute video begins with the bloodied man pleading for his life. His mouth is busted, swollen and bloodied. Those who know him personally might even argue that he looks unrecognizable. As he pleads for mercy, he can be heard admitting to his actions. The father reportedly uploaded the footage to send a message to those who harm children or even think about doing so.

Here’s the description of the gut-wrenching video:

A 23 year old man, of the state of Goias Brazil, tried to rape a girl of 11 years old, he stayed for several months harassing the girl, sending images via Whatsapp, and arranged to meet her..
All he did not know he was talking to the girl’s father..
The father beat, beat the man, and makes a video before killing him, for everyone to see to do wrong, have to pay for it…
The body was found three days later in the middle of the thicket where the beating occurred

In the video he says:

Father: Tr–p, will want to see my daughter…

Bandit: Never again, never again you can trust me…

Father: Daughter is my you b——d, you will learn from this beating that you will now take you b—–d!!

Of course, the disturbing video has gone viral. However, it has received mixed opinions. While most have supported the man for defending and protecting his daughter, others feel the attack was highly extreme considering no harm was done to the girl.

Here are some of the comments:

“See that isn’t the answer either. He tries to contact her and the Dad developed the conversation onto sex obviously, now I am not denying that the other guy is a creep and should be punished but it is not an opportunity for this psycho father to jump upon. Both are deranged opportunists, one sexual, the other violent.”

“Hard to say since the guy never actually talked to the girl. For all we know the father baited him got the guy to say perverted shit. Best thing to do would be to turn evidence over to police after hurting him a little, or setting up a meeting with the guy when he think it is the girl and showing up with the police. Killing him when he technically didn’t do anything was going way over the top. The girl wasn’t raped yes, but now she is going to grow up without a father, and be known as tMore..he girl whose father is a murderer.”

Did the girl’s father go too far? Share your thoughts.

[Image via LiveLeak]