Katherine Heigl Bikini Photo: ‘State Of Affairs’ Actress Outshined By Husband Josh Kelley

Katherine Heigl can still rock a bikini, and it turns out her husband Josh Kelley can too.

The famous couple just took a family trip to Mexico for some sightseeing and relaxing in the sun. To give her social media followers an idea of how much fun she was having, Heigl shared a bikini picture on Instagram.

“having the time of my life in Punta Miita Mexico,” she captioned while working a red bikini. “#familyvacation2015.”

But the picture only brought out the competitive side in her husband, singer Josh Kelley, who decided to see how his bikini body compared to his wife’s

“@joshbkelley also having the time of his life in Punta Miita Mexico,” Heigl shared on Instagram along with a picture of Kelley rocking board shorts and a matching bikini top.

Josh Kelley Bikini

Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl are quite the cool couple, making a home in Utah away from the bright lights of Hollywood and filling it with a stable of animals.

“I have 7 dogs,” the star told Us Weekly last year. “Yeah! I do! Almost 8 maybe… if I can talk my husband into it, and 3 cats.”

“They live in the house in Utah,” Heigl added, “then we have a separate ranch where we have 9 horses and 2 donkeys and 2 goats and chickens and mini horses.”

Married since 2007, Heigl and Kelley try to “shake it up” with some little romantic gestures and date nights — and apparently bikini contests as well.

“I think that we just really enjoy each other. He’s kind of my best friend,” she said adding: “I think that can be tricky. When it starts to become too much of a friendship and not enough of a romance, that can also be a problem.”

“When you live with someone—and we’ve been married for 6 years and together for 8 years—you just become so used to each other’s company,” Heigl added. “That can be awesome. Like, in our instance, it’s amazing. We like to watch Game of Thrones, have a couple cocktails, hang out together.”

But Heigl wasn’t above a bit of mind games to land Kelley in the first place. Growing up a few towns away from fellow singer John Mayer and sharing some mutual friends, Katherine used the relationship for a bit of leverage to get Josh to commit.

“These musicians, they are competitive and jealous of each other,” Heigl told Us Weekly. “[So] over the phone, because he was on tour, I was like, ‘Josh, I’ve got to be honest. I just want to know where we stand because if not, I might try to pursue something with John.'”

She added: “[I confessed] probably a year into our marriage. I was like, ‘You got played!'”

Now that she’s landed Josh Kelley, Katherine Heigl just needs to find out how to beat him in a bikini wearing contest.

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