With The Surface Pro 4 On The Horizon, Should You Spring For a Surface Pro 3?

Ah, the inevitable debate of the technologically inclined. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has established itself as the go-to in the tablet/laptop hybrid market, as reported here by Inquisitr, and the Surface Pro 4 has been announced, probably for July. So, should you consider buying the Surface Pro 3, or hold out for the 4’s release?

If you’re looking for something to buy now, the Surface Pro 3 is still an amazing product. According to the International Business Times, the 12-inch tablet won the best mobile tablet award at the 2015 Mobile World Congress, and is currently the best selling tablet. The Fuse Joplin calls the device one which, “you won’t forget at home or at your job. Once you get your hands on this hybrid, it will become vital, whether you need to get your work done, or just have some fun time.”

The Surface Pro 4 will obviously be an upgrade to the Pro 3 technologically. According to multiple sources, it will come out in two variants, a 12-inch and 14-inch. While the 12-inch is probably as big as is useful for someone who primarily uses the device as a tablet, the 14-inch will give a crucial increase in screen size for someone who prefers to use their tablet as a laptop. Resolution will be at 2560 x 1440, and the Surface Pro 4 will have 16 GB of RAM, and an impressive 1 TB of storage space. That’s impressive for a tablet AND a laptop.

Tablets overall have experienced a decrease in sales, as Inquisitr has reported before. Smaller tablets are experiencing pressure from phones that are increasing in size, while many people still find larger tablets to be too specialized for use outside of businesses or educational settings. Hybrid devices like the Surface Pro 3 give users the convenience of a tablet, as well as the functionality of a laptop, especially with the announcement that the Pro 4 will run Windows 10.

If you’re looking for something to replace a tablet or a laptop in your life, the Surface Pro 3 is a great device. If you’re looking for something to be your all-in-one computing device, it might be worth waiting for the Pro 4, to see what increased power it has to offer. If you don’t need something immediately, it may also be worth waiting for the 4 to release, even if it’s the 3 you have your eye on; Microsoft has offered sales and trade-in programs before to entice people to upgrade.

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