WWE News: WWE To Hold All-Talent Meeting Before ‘Monday Night Raw’ Today

WrestleMania is less than three weeks away and the WWE is putting their best foot forward with their production. Last week on Monday Night Raw, the WWE fans saw arguably the best episode of Raw in quite some time. There was something different about how the show was written, which helped with the quality of the product directly.

However, this update is not about how great Raw was last week, or the situation involving Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon. According to WrestleZone.com, a meeting of the minds will take place later within the WWE walls to discuss important matters.

“According to WWE sources, company officials have called an “all talent” meeting at 3:30 p.m. EST tomorrow at Raw in Pittsburgh. WZ will have more details following the meeting tomorrow afternoon.”

This comes as a shocking surprise, because the morale seems to have increased significantly over the past few months. Smackdown moving to Thursdays also helped the morale, as well as the product itself. Smackdown seems like they are testing out new ideas and booking samples. All in all, it’s clear the product on Thursday is better.

The last WWE called a talent meeting was actually from John Cena in December. That was right after NXT R Evolution took the world by storm and the TLC pay-per-view didn’t live up to expectations. So, Cena did his job as the leader of the locker room and called everyone in to calm the young guns down. He did the proper thing by making sure the main roster knew they had to lead by example.

To give Cena credit, he knew NXT literally shocked the world. Everybody in the WWE Universe knew they were good. However, not many wrestling folks knew they could put on a show quite like that. NXT is so good that Rhyno and the Brian Kendrick made their returns. They aren’t the only ones to express interest in NXT, as Maria Kanellis also entertained the idea of a NXT run.

“@Jaime_Nichole12: @MariaLKanellis Would you ever consider going to NXT? #askmaria” HELL Yeah!!!

— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) March 6, 2015

WWE needs to build off the great morale boost that is Smackdown. The last update written talks about how the morale backstage could not be better for the “Blue Brand.” In all actuality, the backstage meeting could be just an update on Raw booking for later tonight. Then again, it could include more details on the talks with Brock Lesnar.

[Image via wwe.com]