Beaver Falls Biker Brawl: 2 Biker Gangs Brawl Outside Bar In Pennsylvania Leaving Two Shot


A Beaver Falls biker brawl left a couple of people seriously injured in Pennsylvania. According to the New York Daily News, about two dozen members of the Wardogs and Rebels (two biker gangs) were caught on surveillance video, brutally beating one another outside of a bar in the area on January 31. At least three people were seriously injured in the brawl, which went from kicking and punching to shooting and stabbing. Two people were shot, and a third was stabbed in the stomach.

“It’s pretty disturbing, and it’s something we’re not typically used to,” said Beaver Falls police Sgt. Thomas Lococo. Police have arrested four people in connection with the brawl, and are still looking for others who were involved.

The Beaver Falls biker brawl has police asking for the public’s help. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, authorities are hoping that the public will be able to recognize some of the gang members from the surveillance video. Six warrants have been issued so far.

It’s unclear why the two gangs dislike each other so much, but the fight apparently started because both were hanging out at bars that were way too close to one another, suggesting that this was a turf war. According to Sport Act, the Wardogs were hanging out at a bar that was about a block away from the bar that the Rebels were at.

The fight involved so many people that it spread out into a nearby grocery store parking lot. If this had happened during the day, there is a good chance that innocent people would have been hurt.

“During the daytime, had this occurred, there would have been customers in and out of that grocery store,” explained Sgt. Lococo.

The Beaver Falls biker brawl could have easily turned deadly. While it is unclear how severe some of the injuries were, reports indicate that the people involved had guns and knives. The way that they were all fighting wasn’t child’s play, either. Many fear that another brawl of this magnitude could cost people their lives. Of course, there is no way to actually prevent these fights from happening, but if people are held responsible for their actions, it could deter them from getting into more trouble in the future. This is why it is so important that police find the people involved in this massive brawl.