Watch Female Lebanese Anchor’s Awesome Put Down Of Sexist Islamic Cleric [Video]

A female Lebanese anchor cut off short the interview of a London based Islamic cleric in an epic put down, after the man appeared to have an issue with the fact that she was a woman.

Al-Jadeed TV is a 24-hour pan-Arab station, broadcasting from Lebanon and offering general-interest programming in the Arabic language. When host Rima Karaki asked her guest to stick to the topic of discussion, London based Islamic cleric, Al-Siba’i, told the Lebanese anchor to “shut up.”

The video begins as Al-Siba’i is going on about what happens when a group of Christians joins a radical organization, such as ISIS. As the man is talking, Karaki appears to be shifting in her seat, we assume, because of the length of the statement in a time restrained segment.

Finally, the Lebanese host finds an opening and asks Al-Siba’i to stick to the current situation and that’s when things rapidly get out of hand.

“At present which slogans are used to attract (Christians) to these groups?” Karaki asks him, in the video posted to Youtube by MEMRI Videos, which has over 2 million likes at this time.

“Listen don’t cut me off. I will answer as I please.” the Islamic cleric rudely responds, as the Lebanese host tries to bring the guest to reason. “I will not answer the way you like because I am here to serve the idea in which I believe.”

Now the Sheil is extremely upset and will not listen to Karaki’s attempts to calm him down. The man keeps interrupting when she valiantly tries to bring the interview back on track. However, he will not hear anything she has to say, since he apparently has a problem with her being a woman.

“What kind of behavior is this?” the furious man asks.

“Please, don’t get all worked up. We respect you and know you want to give a complete answer. Unfortunately, we have limited time.” Karaki explains and this is when Al-Seba’i seems to suggest that she has no place in telling him what to say.

“I agreed with Mr. Ibrahim Harbi…” he interrupts while yelling at her. At this moment the host informs the rude cleric that the producers have allotted her more time for the interview and asks him to continue with his response, however, the man is bent on putting the Lebanese host in her place.

“I agreed with him that you wouldn’t cut me off.” he goes on without missing a beat as she makes it clear that he should stop calling her names.

Watch as this brave Lebanese anchor turns the tables on the sexist Islamic cleric and ends the interview.

[Image via Kara Kirima/Instagram]