Mom On Phone: Husband Hears Wife Being Stabbed To Death On Cell Phone

Police in Australia say an Indian mom on the phone was stabbed to death while she was talking with her husband back in their native country. Prabha Arun Kumar was murdered Saturday night by an unknown attacker, as she walked through an Aussie park. The Indian mother’s husband heard her beloved’s harrowing screams and last words on his cellphone during the violent attack, according to a Yahoo News report.

The 41-year-old mom of a 10-year-old daughter was on the phone with her husband while she made her way home from her job where she worked as an IT professional. She came to Australia to make a better life for her family back in India. As she normally does, the woman hopped a train, got off at Parramatta station, and made her way on foot through the park. However, the shortcut she normally takes proved to be a fatal decision on this night.

At some point in the conversation on the phone with her husband, the Indian mother said she was being stalked by an unknown person. Moments later, there were screams and biting words her husband would likely never forget.

“I think I’ve been stabbed.”

A short time later, three locals walking through the park heard the piercing screams and discovered the lifeless body of the woman who was lying in a large pool of blood. Arvand Amirian said they responded straight away to the sounds of a woman’s screams that “didn’t sound normal.”

“There was blood covering her face, her neck, her chest – her chest wasn’t even moving so that’s when I assumed she was gone.”

Police and paramedics arrived on the grisly scene minutes later. The stabbing victim was transported to the hospital, but there was nothing they could do to save the woman. She was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Parramatta Police Superintendent Wayne Cox talked to the media about the murder investigation of the Indian mom killed while on the phone with her husband.

“Certainly, my heartfelt condolences go out to the family at this point in time. At this point she has taken a lane way connected up to Amos St in Westmead, and during this journey she has been attacked by a person or unknown persons. There was a large amount of blood so she obviously suffered a significant wound.”

Cox said they have surveillance footage of the woman making her way through the park before she was brutally attacked. It’s unknown if the CCTV shows the actual fatal stabbing.

The deceased lived with her friend Sarada Angadimani. The home is located a mere 300 yards (the distance of three NFL football fields) from the site the devoted Indian mother was killed while on the phone. Angadimani recalled warning her friend about the dangers of walking through the park.

“I told her that it is not a safe way to come through because there are people that stop and ask you for money, like $2. I don’t argue I just give them the money. I would never walk through there later on.”

“Last year she used to call me and I would pick her up from the station if she was working late. But because she was working late regularly she felt bad to ask for help. Maybe that is the reason that she didn’t call.”

With the Indian mom killed while on the phone with her husband, residents in the Sydney community are urged by police to be vigilant. Meanwhile, the woman’s spouse and daughter, whom she has not seen in three years, boarded a plane from India to come and claim the remains.

[Photo by: Kuala Lumpar Post]