‘The Bachelor’ 2015: What The Winner’s Future REALLY Holds At Home With Chris Soules

Finale time is here for The Bachelor 2015 and fans will soon find out who wins Chris Soules’ heart. The journey is about to conclude and two women remain as the finalists. Will Chris choose Whitney Bischoff or Becca Tilley?

This is a welcome time for the lead and winner of The Bachelor because they’ve had to spend months under the radar and undetected from the press learning what their status is until the show wraps. For viewers of the show it’s been a long road of glamour, perfect hair, perfect makeup, and beautifully dressed women. In spite of all the crazy drama, the women have all their needs for high maintenance upkeep at their disposal while filming one of ABC’s most popular reality shows.

A People report touches on the reality of what Chris’ future wife will face after moving to Arlington, Iowa — a town of just 429 people. Both Whitney and Becca come from big cities, so visiting an edgy hair salon isn’t exactly around the corner. As the article writes, the nearest city is Cedar Rapids, which is 71 miles away from Arlington.

The Bachelor winner’s workout regime might be relegated to 1.05-square miles of country to cover with running or walking. No fancy gyms or spas can be easily accessed, but somehow Chris Soules manages to look like he visits a workout facility on a consistent basis. He probably has his own makeshift gym for her to stay in great condition.

With the nearest mall about an our away in Waterloo, either Whitney or Becca will have to shop online most of the time. People reveals that only one mail person delivers the mail, and with online shopping orders, a lot of packages will keep the post office busy!

There’s supposedly only one bar in Arlington if there is any. Date nights might require the couple to leave town for the night and head out for more selections. A convenience store and movie theater 20 minutes down the road will get stale fairly quickly.

It’s not that all of this spells doom for The Bachelor 2015 winner. There are some great things about living in a small community, as many residents of Arlington tell The Des Moines Register.

Summer Handal, the daughter of Arlington’s mayor, knows the community inside and out. Soules’ fiancee won’t be alone in finding someone willing to help her out if she needs it.

“If you need absolutely anything, you can go to someone in the community, and they’re more than willing to help you,” Handal says.

The town is also a good place to raise a family. It’s quiet, safe, and residents have a solid bond. It’s also very laid back. Is this something Whitney from Chicago and Becca from San Diego could handle long term?

Only time will tell when Chris Soules chooses The Bachelor 2015 winner Monday night!

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Image]