Should You Upgrade From The Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy S6?

The Galaxy S6 is almost here, and the features show it is much better than the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, many want to know whether that really means it is worth upgrading. There are plenty of times that the predecessor offers everything a person needs, and can work out cheaper. With a launch date of April 10, there is still time to decide whether the S6 really is better than the S5.

The Galaxy S6 certainly looks better than its predecessor. It will be available in four different colors, compared to the black and white of the current flagship phone. It will also have crystal or glass beads within it to give it a sparkled finish. Many have compared the S6 to the iPhone 5C, which is available in multiple colors. However, it is possible to get the different colors by choosing cases.

It is possible that the Galaxy S5 will be better for gripping. The new phone is set to have a curved display, so the screen wraps around slightly. Considering the cost of the new phone, the more stable grip of the predecessor could be something to consider.

The screen sizes of the two phones are the same, sitting at 5.1 inches. The difference is the Gorilla Glass 4 used for the S6, compared to the Gorilla Glass 3 used for last year’s Samsung Galaxy phone. The update is supposed to be tougher but the curved edges will make the new phone screen look smaller, according to Expert Reviews.

Business News Daily states that the newer phone will have a sharper screen resolution at 2560 x 1440 pixels, instead of the 1920 x 1080 pixel the Galaxy S5 has. That will not likely make a difference for home users, but those looking for a business phone may find the newer version better.

Samsung is continuing with the fingerprint scanner. While the S5 introduced this, the scanner turned out to be unreliable and annoying. The company has upgraded and tested the device more thoroughly to make sure it competes with Apple’s iPhone. Users will no long need to swipe slowly across the home button, but just tap it.

The biggest downside to the S6 is the lack of micro-SD slot. There is no way of adding extra memory, which many users have found useful on Samsung products in the past. Samsung is also going the way of Apple and encasing the battery so it cannot be replaced. These factors could make all the difference when choosing between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the S6.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]