Raven Symone’s Nine Most Memorable Hairstyles

Raven Symone stole everyone’s hearts with her roles in The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven. But throughout her career, she has also proved that she’s not afraid of trying out different looks. The number of different hairstyles that Symone has gone through shows that she’s willing to take risks and that she is not afraid of evolving. Here are Symone’s nine Most Memorable Hairstyles.

9. The Fro with the Bow

raven symone the fro

She’s changed her hairstyle countless times in the past. However, one of the styles she rocked the hardest was an afro that showcased her natural hair color and her curly locks.

8. Everybody Loves Braids

the braid

The complete opposite of her natural ‘fro, at one point she exhibited hip braids complete with mixtures of rainbow pastel colors throughout her strands. It was the right mixture of being trendy enough to work, and being over the top enough to stand out.

7. The Pixie

the pixie

The pixie cut emerged as a huge trend in recent years. Never to be outdone, Symone herself wore the style complete with cute layered bangs.

6. The Rock Star

the rock star

One of Symone’s signature styles is the one she wore during her Broadway debut. She kept her hair short with her bangs swept to the side for an edgy look.

5. The Warrior Queen

the warrior queen

For this red carpet look, Symone wore her hair up. It’s fierce, it’s elegant, and she pulled it off perfectly.

4. The Sultry Weave

the long weave

She may be known to the world as a Disney star, but Symone sure knows how to turn the heat up when it’s needed. A perfect example is this sexy hairstyle.

3. The Green Goblin

the green goblin

For one of her bolder hairstyles, Symone decided to get a buzz cut and colored her hair green. This isn’t the kind of look that most us could pull off, but Symone rocks this hairstyle like a pro.

2. So Peachy

so peachy

Symone revealed her peach-colored locks in November of last year. It was a fresh new look that got a ton of attention after she posted it via her Instagram account.

1. Blonde Crew Cut

the blonde crew cut

And while we’re on the subject of Symone’s bold and edgy experiments with her hair, we present to you “The Blonde Crew Cut”. She showcased the new ‘do earlier this year.

If there’s one thing we found out about Symone, it’s that she’s not afraid to be adventurous when it comes to her hair. She’s done it all, from long luscious locks to completely shaving off the sides of her head. Raven Symone’s many varied hairstyles make her a true trendsetter.