Teen Who Refused Chemo Cancer Free After Courts Forced Her Into Treatment

The teen in Connecticut who famously rejected chemo is currently in remission, thanks to the court ordered treatment she received. Cassandra C. Has gone through several months of treatment during the high profile argument in the mainstream media regarding her rights as a teen and her mother’s rights as a parent. Her diagnosis was not a death sentence, and now she has another shot at life, but is she happy about the outcome after the means taken to get there?

MSN News reports that Cassandra’s treatment worked even faster than medical professionals had expected — a positive outcome in a case that sparked so much negativity. The State Department of Children and Families issued a statement on Sunday regarding Cassandra’s fast recovery. The Commissioner of the State DCF Joette Katz, addressed the recovery specifically.

“We are very pleased with Cassandra’s progress toward a complete recovery.”

A Connecticut Fox News affiliate reports that the teen personally acknowledged that the cancer is gone from her body, meaning that she is in remission — cancer free. Even though she and her mother both adamantly fought against the chemo treatments that would have — and did — save her life, they are apparently pleased with the positive results. The Fox News affiliate the family spoke to reports that they are going to request for the rest of Cassandra’s chemo treatment to be administered at home. In other words, they’re submitting to the fact that this medicine is saving her life — not poisoning her body.

Cassandra was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September 2014, a diagnosis that is almost always curable. However, Cassandra C.’s mother Jackie Fortin appeared to facilitate a fear of chemotherapy in the teen — who was near 18-years-old at the time of the controversy. Through Cassandra, Jackie feared putting poison into her body — and likened the DCF interference to the girl’s constitutional rights being taken away. The girl’s mother once appeared on Fox News to speak out against the medical treatments.

“[These] are her human constitutional rights to not put poison in her body. Her rights have been taken away. She has been forced to put chemo in her body.”

It’s fortunate that Cassandra C.’s chemo treatments have put her cancer into remission. At just 18-years-old, she has a very long life ahead of her, and now she realizes that chemotherapy isn’t poison at all. It saved her life, removing the toxic cancer that would have very likely spread through her body before killing her. Still, the question is worth asking. Should a government force a teen to undergo life saving treatments against their wishes?

[Photo: NPR/Courtesy of Fortin family]