Drunk Squirrel Has One Too Many Fermented Crab Apples, Goes Viral [Video]

There are few things cuter than a drunk squirrel, except perhaps a viral video featuring a drunk squirrel. The little guy reportedly feasted on crabapples. Unfortunately for the squirrel, the crab apples had fermented. The result was a hilariously cute incident that was captured on camera.

When the man who recorded the video first noticed the squirrel, he assumed the animal fell out of a tree because it was hurt. He then observed the animal's bizarre behavior and quickly made the connection.

In the video, you see the drunk squirrel tumble from a tree into the snow below. Bewildered, the furry drunk decides he's going to look for another tree. He hops and hops, but fails to make any progress forward despite his best efforts. At the rate the squirrel is moving, it's hard to tell whether or not the creature even realizes that he isn't making any progress forward. The drunk squirrel tumbles backward a few times in a less than graceful fashion. After several attempts, it climbs through a fence and make its way into the woods.

From there, the squirrel hops through a wooded area in a manner that confirms it is absolutely intoxicated and that it thinks its going farther than it actually is. That's when it arrives at a tree. The squirrel makes it up the base of the tree, almost suggesting that it might have a successful climb. However, the squirrel then turns and heads down.

The cute little drunk clearly cannot tell up from down. Eventually, the squirrel gives up and drunk-hops away, no doubt looking for a warm place to "sleep it off."

Throughout the video, you can hear the group recording it laughing at the animal's antics. It was a chance observation made a few months ago that is only now catching the attention of the internet. As of now, the video has amassed over 1 million views.

This isn't the first time that "drunk" animals have taken the internet by storm. Back in 2009, a video was posted to YouTube, which featured animals in Africa that became drunk after eating fermented fruit. That video currently has over 5 million views.

In 2006, another drunk squirrel went viral after eating fermented pumpkins. It's easy to see that this squirrel was at comparable levels of intoxication to this recent viral sensation.

Have you seen this drunk squirrel video? Why do you think people enjoy watching "drunk animal" videos?

[Image Credit: Sphios]