Splashpress Media buys Twitter Buttons

Before I go running screaming into night from this deluge of Twitter posts I thought I would pass this little tidbit on to you all – after all why should I suffer alone.

It appears that Splashpress Media figures there is money to be made by making fancy Twitter Follow Me buttons because they have acquired the web site slash business Twitter Buttons

Splashpress Media is proud to announce the latest addition to its network: Twitter Buttons. The site’s function and dedicated service is to provide attractive looking buttons for Twitter users to display on their websites. One would have thought, with the huge popularity of Twitter in mind, that there would be a mass of similar services out there, but it’s really not the case! And this might explain the huge success that our site is already having with the hundreds of thousands using the buttons on their sites and so many users signed up to the email subscription.

No word of the terms of the acquisition at this time.