Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial: Shayanna Jenkins Engagement Ring Off, Ready To Testify?

The murder trial of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez enters into its sixth week on March 9, with many trial watchers anxious to know when Hernandez’s fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins will testify for the prosecution.

According to Yahoo Sports, Jenkins, who was in court last Friday for the first time in almost a week, was not wearing the diamond engagement ring that she typically has on when she is in the courtroom. When Hernandez was leaving the court, he told her, “I love you, girl” but did not make any mention of the missing ring. Shayanna reportedly smiled back at him, but did not speak.

Jenkins is still on the list to testify against Hernandez for the prosecution, but there is no word on when she will be called to the witness stand.

According to the Heavy, Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh granted immunity toJenkins back in January after she met with prosecutors. Because she is not married to Aaron, anything he said to her about the Odin Lloyd murder can be used against him at trial because there is not law in Massachusetts that allows engaged couples to avoid testifying against each another.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Shayanna told 29 lies to the prosecution during her grand jury testimony. If she lies on the witness stand during the Hernandez’s murder trial, she could face perjury charges for allegedly telling lies under oath.

Jenkins and Hernandez have been together since they attended high school together in Bristol, Connecticut. They have a daughter Avielle, who was born on Aaron’s 23rd birthday, November 6, 2012. Six months after her birth, Hernandez was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd — he has been in jail since.

Prosecutors believe that Jenkins helped her fiancee get rid of the alleged murder weapon that is assumed to be a.45-caliber Glock. To this day, the gun has not been recovered, but video footage shown during the trial shows Shayanna carrying a large garbage bag out of the couple’s home the day after Lloyd was killed.

Carla Barboza, one of the housekeepers who worked for Jenkins and Hernandez, testified that she saw Jenkins put the bag in the trunk of a car instead of placing it in the other garbage in the garage. According to the Boston Herald, the housekeeper’s testimony is being used by prosecutors to “bolster their assertion” that Hernandez told Jenkins to dispose of the alleged murder weapon.

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial continues on Monday, March 9, with a full day of testimony expected starting at 9 a.m. Watch the Aaron Hernandez trial live streaming online here.

[Image: ABC, Twitter – Wild About Trial]