Aspiring Rapper Kills His Own Mother, See What He Did With Her $90,000 [Video]

Aspiring Chicago rapper Qaw'mane Wilson, also known as "Young QC," was arrested for ordering a hit on his own mother. After his mother's murder, Wilson gained access to her $90,000, which he flaunted on social media. In one YouTube video, Wilson can be seen literally throwing hundred dollar bills into crowds of women.

In the video above, you can watch as Wilson flaunts his, or shall we say his deceased mother's, money. He is seen driving nice cars and withdrawing thousands of dollars. After holding up the wads of cash, Wilson can be seen throwing the money into crowds of cheering women on the street.

"I'm the only one out here with a show who is giving back."
However, it is unlikely the women knew how Wilson came into the money he is so graciously "giving back." Wilson was charged with the murder of his own mother, Yolanda Holmes, after it was discovered he had hired a hitman to kill her.

Elite Daily reports that the murder went unsolved for nearly a year before social media users alerted police of Wilson's new found riches.

"Social media users alerted the authorities to Wilson's Instagram page. The tacky rapper loved flaunting his money, clothes and cars, but those gaudy showcases proved instrumental to his downfall."
Wilson will no longer be in need of his riches as he will likely be spending the majority of his life in prison. Wilson has admitted to orchestrating the murder of his own mother for "financial gain."

What do you think of Qaw'mane Wilson's blatant flaunting of money he gained from murdering his own mother?