Twitter tastes the rainbow – the Skittles rainbow

I just caught this from Rex Hammock (thanks bud) on FriendFeed and it appears that the Skittles home page has been taken over. Yup Twitter search is beginning its monetization plan – taking over other web sites with Twitter search pages for that site. I’m not sure if this is the plan that Todd Dagnes from Sparks Capital, a Twitter investor, but it sure would be an interesting option – sort of like the Google logo for special events .. except Twiter Search becomes the home page.

As Rex says in his post about this interesting turn

Perhaps it will be something like what you see at, which, today at least, has become a results page of a Twitter search for #skittles — and so therefore, people are doing lots of tweets including the word. Pretty amazing use of conversational media if you ask me — but a novelty that has a short half-life.

I wonder as well if Twitter is making any money from this or if it just a trial run?