Divorce Rumors: Jay Z Paternity Suit Takes Toll

Jay Z and Beyonce are rumored to be on the verge of divorce after seven years of marriage. Divorce rumors have been going around for a while, especially toward the end of their “On the Run” tour. Beyonce and Jay Z have been going strong since they married in 2008, but recent rumors of infidelity, a paternity suit, and difficulty getting pregnant may be wearing Beyonce out.

The paternity suit has been brought by a 21-year old man who believes Jay Z is his father. Jay Z, so far, has avoided taking the test. The man’s mother, Wanda, claims to have had a sexual relationship with Jay Z during the 90s. Jay Z’s refusal to take the paternity test may not be about avoiding responsibility. ClassicaLite reports that taking the test, even if the results show Jay Z isn’t the man’s father, could open the door to other paternity claims against the music mogul.

Add Bey’s reported difficulty getting pregnant and Jay Z has his share of problems right now. Queen Bey is reportedly taking fertility drugs in an attempt to give Jay Z another child. ClassicaLite quotes OK! Magazine.

“Beyoncé has reportedly turned to fertility medication to help her get pregnant with baby No. 2…The singer has been trying to get pregnant after ending her worldwide On the Run tour with husband Jay Z and it hasn’t been easy, according to OK!.”

Despite his own drama, Jay Z reportedly dissed Chris Brown when it was revealed that he has nine-month-old daughter with Nia Amey. Hollywood Life quotes an inside source as saying that “The trouble that Chris is in now has really given Jay-Z a good laugh” and that Jay Z feels the Chris Brown secret baby situation is “karma.”

Whatever Jay Z’s thoughts are about Chris Brown’s situation, he needs to worry about keeping his own house in order. Everybody knows the BeyHive, Beyonce’s fan club, is protective of her. If the paternity test ever takes place and Jay Z turns out to be the father, the hive may fly to Bey’s defense, even against the great Jay Z. They were called into action immediately on Twitter when the story first broke.

But, it’s evident that not everyone will feel sorry for Beyonce and Jay Z if the paternity test comes back positive.

I just want y’all to know imma laugh loud as hell if this “Jay Z paternity”situation turns out to be true.Mainly cuz I hate the #BeyHive lol — SukiAlejandra (@sukisuzuki006xo) February 20, 2015

We’ll have to wait to see how the latest Jay Z drama unfolds.

[Photo by Tom Ford via Getty Images]