British Woman Goes To Jail For Trolling Herself On Facebook

A British woman has been jailed for 20 months after using fake Facebook profiles to send herself hundreds of abusive messages.

Michelle Chapman, 24, allegedly had a falling out with her father and new stepmother and set up fake Facebook accounts with their names, then sent herself hundreds of foul and sexually explicit messages before reporting them to the police.

Claiming she’s being trolled, Chapman’s stepmother, Louise, was arrested and her father, Roy Jackson, was issued a warning.

Apparently her specialty, Chapman had pulled a similar stunt back in 2009. And her more recent year-long vendetta to frame her father and stepmother only came to a halt after it was established by forensic internet inquiries that both Facebook accounts were created at her home address.

Details of Chapman’s seedy plot were revealed at Truro Crown Court in Cornwall, England, where she admitted to sending herself debasing emails between February of 2011 and March of 2012.

According to the Independent, prosecutor Philip Lee said Chapman “wanted to make their life hell” and sought “revenge on her father for matters in the past.”

It is alleged that Chapman had a falling out with some family members after trying to reconnect with her father, whom she had not seen for 21 years.

The Daily Mail reported that the judge, Christopher Harvey Clark, confiscated Chapman’s computer and handed her a restraining order against contacting her father and stepmother, saying, “People have suffered a great deal of distress as a result of your wicked behavior.”

Chapman’s father, Jackson, had been the one to reach out to her after he married Louise in 2010 — but when his estranged daughter showed up at his home, they had a quarrel and she got “upset.”

Soon after, Michelle began her revenge by setting up a fake account in her new stepmom’s name, which she used to send spiteful messages to her father in order to break up them up. Chapman then spent a full year “trolling” herself online under the guise of not only her father and stepmother, but other relatives as well.

Lee said Chapman had also made several complaints to police, and even provided eight written statements between February and October of 2011.

Her lawyer, Martin Pearce, indicated that the 24-year-old suffers from mental health issues and regrets what she’d done. And her husband Glyn Chapman, 57, who says he’s standing by his wife, stated that she is the victim and it was her way of crying out for help.

“She is the victim, she has mental health issues and it was a cry for help. She has not had the help she needs.

“This is what you do when you’re in desperate, desperate need of help – you scream out.”

[Image via Independent]