Watch Gordon Ramsay Expose The Illegal Shark Fin Industry [Video]

In many parts of Asia, especially in China, shark fin soup is a delicacy the elite would pay thousands for just to indulge in. However, there is one major issue that comes with the soup, and that is that it is illegal. The situation is very similar to pangolins, an animal in the anteater family, and how they are treated in Vietnam. Though protected animals for being threatened with extinction, pangolins are hunted for their scales and meat because they’ve become an expensive delicacy. A single order for shark’s fin soup can go up to $65 USD, thus why harvesting shark’s fin can be a lucrative business.

The Inquisitr previously reported on the latest news on what is being done to combat the illegal shark’s fin business. The European Union (EU) and the state of Massachusetts have officially made shark fin illegal. Yet, shark fin is still king in China, despite strong efforts to stop the business. As a matter of fact, Gordon Ramsey did his best exposing the business back in 2011. It is amazing how much resistance he received in his endeavor.

According to an article by True Activist and followed-up by Real Farmacy, Gordon Ramsay starred in a show titled Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait, a documentary in which Ramsay himself investigates shark fin soup. Throughout the documentary, he learns more about sharks but also figures out if the slaughter of 100 million sharks worldwide is necessary for a dish through investigation. In pursuit of the truth, Ramsay travels the world to confront illicit fishermen, traders, and diners who contribute to the illegal sale of shark’s fin soup.

However, the most debilitating scene throughout the documentary is when Gordon Ramsay investigates a series of buildings that have shark fins drying out on roofs. Ramsay does manage to get on top of one of the buildings. What he finds is a gold mine of literally thousands of shark’s fins drying in the sun. It was not an easy task for Ramsay to get to see the shark fins. When he was on ground level, everyone ignored him in answering his questions about the shark’s fins drying over the side of one of the building’s roofs. When Ramsay calls for someone on top of the roof, they throw an unidentified liquid at him which Ramsay thankfully dodges. Even after finding a way to see the shark’s fins, they make a hasty retreat when the people managing the illegal wares make calls on their cell phone. Ramsay wastes no time as he leaves the premises.

“Let’s get out of here before we get shot!”

In conclusion, Gordon Ramsay finds no need for shark fin soup, especially with the fact that over 100 million sharks are killed worldwide just for a dish consisting of only a few small parts of the shark itself. Most of the time, the sharks are tossed back into sea still alive, though missing their fins. Due to their lack of mobility, they become easy prey to predators.

Now that you’ve seen what Gordon Ramsay has done to expose the illegal shark fin industry, along with reading general facts on how said illegal business effects the shark population, what are your views? What ramifications should be enforced for progressing the possibility of extinction for the sharks just for a bowl of soup?

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]