Letting Loose At SXSW, Genius Geeks And Creative Super Minds Come Out To Play.

The 22nd annual SXSW Festival returns to Austin, Texas, from March 13 through March 22. SXSW is by far the heavyweight event of the season, bulging at the seams with media muscle and dripping with brand name sponsors from every nook of the interactive, music, and film industry holding some form of presence.

SXSW virgins can get a feel of the event by checking out “Heading to SXSW?” The interactive offer that sits within the wider SXSW festival is a powerhouse of potential exposure, bringing the sweet scent of mass distribution. To give you an idea, the launch pedigree of SXSW interactive includes Twitter (in 2007) and Foursquare (in 2009). Add to this the awesome line up of film and music showcase events, SXSW Festival 2015 is about to live up to its very high expectations.

Taking a look at the schedule, it’s a who’s who of media, film, and music’s funkiest content creators. The event is split into days, events, themes, and a string of parties and ho-downs in the Texan sun. Keynote speakers for the main conference that forms the backbone of SXSW include Paola Antonelli — MoMA, Princess Reema — Saudi Arabian luxury retailer Alfa, Martine Rothblatt — United Therapeutics and author of “Virtually Human: The Promise – and Peril – of Digital Immortality,” Logan Green — Lyft, an ecological response to grid lock, and Astro Teller — Google[x] — the semi-secret “moonshot factory.”

Yes, SXSW is definitely a place for geek royalty to play, creatives to showcase their talent, and super tech genius to be celebrated!

On March 17, cross fertilization erupts on convergence day. With shared platforms and curated events that stimulate the mixed media mindset, SXSW will showcase content across all three festival themes, thus maximizing the opportunity for participants to connect, showcase, and share ideas.

The badges (or tickets) range from platinum at $1,745 for the super powers of the interactive, music, and film industry, who see SXSW as the absolute, must attend networking and ideas platform; to Edu tickets at $495 for those wanting to connect, collaborate, create, and change how we teach and learn.

It is also important to grasp that you don’t have to be a super brand to break through at SXSW. The schedule is packed with live pitching events across a broad spectrum of industry specialism. You can register for these SXSW pitching sessions in advance. There are also business mastermind sessions and low-key seminars mixed in with super-brand show and tell.

You can take your idea to SXSW, get it front of the right eyeballs and literally change your fortunes over night! Although as a cautionary tale, if your a musician, don’t play at McDonalds as you might get paid with a burger or even a tweet!

[Credit: Michael Buckner / Staff – Getty Images]