Kris Jenner Posts Popular Instagram Video Set To Kanye West’s ‘All Day’ Song With N-Word Bleeped Out [Video]

The cool thing about using Instagram Viewers is that it provides journalists and fans with information about popular Instagram photos and videos going viral on any given day. The viewers tend to turn up gems about celebrities — especially ones who use Instagram as their main basis for getting information out to the world. Even when it’s not the celebrities themselves who are posting the images and videos on Instagram — but perhaps a brand, or a Brazilian blogger, like Hugo Gloss, who posted an image of Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry together — the photos can still end up on the popular page on Instagram.

“Meanwhile, in Paris, Kim and Katy Perry in the party#givenchy”

Indeed, Katy and Kim did wear Givenchy in Paris, reports Yahoo! News UK‎ — calling the duo the queens of the night as they rocked out their gothic look.

Another seriously viral Instagram post can be found on Kris Jenner’s page, with the video showing many members of the Kardashian family in a photo collage set to Kanye West’s bumping “All Day” song, notably the cleaned-up version wherein the N-word is bleeped out. As reported by the Inquisitr, when Kanye debuted his “All Day” song at the BRIT Awards, West brought a bunch of hooded guys onto the stage with him in a stunning performance that included flamethrowers and lyrics about his love of balling out and having a soft spot for the south side of Chicago. While “All Day” seemed to baffle Lionel Richie, who was in the audience to witness Kanye’s performance of the song, Taylor Swift danced along with Kardashian. That Jenner Instagram post has already received more than 83,300 likes and 446 comments on the same day it was posted, March 8.

“Bonjour Mon Amour! What an amazing week in Paris!!! ‘Week At A Glance’ video recap! #WAAG #AllDay#proudmama #trulyblessed”

The point of Jenner’s viral Instagram post and video was to give viewers a visual recap of their week during Fashion Week in Paris. Although some Instagram commentators immediately clapped back at Kris about which members of her family they felt were missing from the video, other Instagram fans came to Jenner’s defense, telling them to watch the video once more to find the error of their own commenting ways — and professing their love for Kanye’s “All Day” song that appears as the soundtrack for the video. Leave it to the Kardashian Family to create buzz even by posting a simply video.

[Image via Instagram]