The ‘Resident Evil’ Franchise Comes To An End

Yes, it’s true, or it would appear to be true, as far as the Resident Evil film franchise goes. The sixth chapter in the Resident Evil series has been tentatively titled Resident Evil: Final Chapter, so it seems likely that the Umbrella Corporation may be closing its doors forever, according to Crossmap.

It’s not that Resident Evil has ever failed to turn a profit. All five films have brought in a total of $915,934,664 and, even without the possibility of an end coming to the Resident Evil film franchise looming over the heads of fans, the sixth film would surely bring in enough to send that figure far above the $1 billion mark. It may just be that all good things must eventually come to an end.

Is this set in stone? It would appear so. Paul W.S. Anderson, executive producer for all five existing films as well as for the newest addition to the Resident Evil film franchise, said that, while it may just be a “working title,” Resident Evil: Final Chapter is what is written on all of the scripts and it may very well be the completed project’s final title. In any case, it seems unlikely that the film would be produced under such a title, tentative or not, unless there was an intention to make this the last Resident Evil film.

Originally set for a release date of 2014, that goal was obviously missed and a new date for sometime in 2016 is planned with the Resident Evil: Final Chapter script currently reaching the final draft stage.

Venture Capital Post speculated on what Resident Evil fans can ultimately expect from the final film, observing that the films have always drawn from whichever Resident Evil game was popular at the time of filming. A prime example of this practice was seen in both Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Retribution, where the Majini Zombies or the Axeman were taken from the fifth installment of the video game franchise. In that vein, the Resident Evil: Revelations series of games seems like the most likely area to draw ideas for the new film’s monsters.

What does this mean for Resident Evil: Final Chapter? It may foretell of a film set primarily on the ocean, since many of the creatures in the Revelations series are aquatic-based monsters. Whatever the specifics, one thing is certain: Anderson and wife Milla Jovovich will deliver an epic ending to the Resident Evil film franchise.

Milla Jovovich took time out from her busy filming schedule to speak to fellow Resident Evil star Michelle Rodriguez for Interview Magazine.