Elihue Parker, Kimberly Parker: TV One’s ‘Fatal Attraction’ To Air Marine Sergeant’s Brutal Killing

The Elihue Parker-Kimberly Hawkins Parker murder case will air on TV One’s Fatal Attraction this week. The African-American-based crime documentary will chronicle the shocking and senseless shooting death of Marine recruiter Sgt. Elihue Parker, who was found dead in a Texas river. His wife Kimberly Hawkins Parker, aka Kimberly Chavon Parker, and her lover, Damien Demarquis Huckaby, were convicted in the case.

Elihue Parker’s case made national news in 2000, when he failed to show up to work in Lewisville, Texas. Parker was a 23-year-old Marine sergeant with an impeccable record. When he missed work, his coworkers immediately knew that something was wrong. At first, they thought it was possible that he had gone AWOL, but an investigation revealed that in the days leading up to his disappearance, he had been threatened by several men. One of the men in the group was a man named Damien Huckaby.

As police tried to locate Parker, they spoke with several friends and family members who informed them that the young Marine was having marital troubles with his wife, Kimberly. Once police made their way to Kimberly’s home to discuss Elihue’s disappearance, it was apparent that she had little interest in his whereabouts — an attitude that law enforcement officials immediately found troubling. Officers also observed three men standing behind her, and the men looked a lot like the men that Parker’s coworkers had described.

After taking a photo of the three men and showing those photos to Parker’s workmates, it was confirmed that Damien Huckaby was definitely the man they heard threatening Elihue. But just when police were about to follow up on that very interesting lead, a body was found in the Sabine River in Texas. The body had been tightly wrapped in cellophane and bound with thick duck tape.

The man in the water was their missing person — Elihue Leander Parker. Huckaby denied having any involvement in the murder but one of his accomplices, Marquis Brown, told police everything they needed to know about how and why the Marine was killed. Not only did Brown tell police all the details about the murder, he also indicated that Elihue’s wife, Kimberly, knew all about what the men had intended to do — and she did nothing about it. After a lengthy trial, Damien Huckaby and Kimberly Parker were found guilty of murder. Kimberly was sentenced to 99 years for her part in the crime. Her case was also featured on the crimes shows Snapped and Facing Evil with Candice Delong.

Here is the teaser for this episode of Fatal Attraction.

“When Sergeant Elihue Parker and Kimberly Hawkins met, he fell in love instantly. Captivated by her beauty and intelligence, Elihue instantly made Kimberly his bride. But their wedded bliss is shattered when Elihue, goes missing from his apartment in Lewisville, TX, sending police on a race against time to find him. As investigators probe into the disappearance of Elihue, they discover one lover’s secret affair entangled in a twisted web of deceit and lies.

TV One brings viewers an account of one woman’s deep desire to have her lover all to herself even if that means revealing a secret affair and ruining a marriage on the latest episode of Fatal Attraction. Tune in for the mysterious disappearance of Sergeant Elihue Parker – when affairs are exposed.”

A preview of the episode can be found here. The Elihue Parker case will air at 9 p.m. Central on TV One.

[Photo Credit: Hulu]