Will Taylor Swift Write Calvin Harris’ Name In Her ‘Blank Space’?

Rumors have arisen recently about Taylor Swift possibly dating singer/producer Calvin Harris after they appeared to be flirting at the 2015 BRIT Awards.

According to Hollywood Life, the two were seen being “touchy-feely” and flirting throughout the event. The rumors were shot down after a recent interview in which Taylor Swift was asked where she saw herself at age 30. Her response was just what the world needed to declare the dating rumors completely false.

“I’ll probably be single. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it.”

While Taylor’s statement was quite alarming, it shows hints of a desire to be in a long-term relationship. In recent years, Taylor’s relationships have been unsuccessful and she has written songs insinuating that she is choosing the wrong guys. Or, in cases like her relationship with singer John Mayer, the wrong guys are choosing her. She sings freely about the unsatisfying situation in the 2013 hit “Trouble,” where she states “Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago, I was in your sights, you got me alone. You found me.”

Diplo, a friend of Calvin Harris, seems to agree with Taylor Swift in a way, admitting that he does not want Calvin to date her. But this opposition to the union is reportedly based on his own shaky relationship with the “Blank Space” singer. Diplo and Taylor Swift have been fighting for some time, but reportedly made-up at the Grammy’s after party. Unfortunately for Taylor, their make-up has not stopped Diplo from trashing Taylor to Calvin any time her name is mentioned.

Also in the way of the Calvin and Taylor’s union is Calvin Harris’ model girlfriend, Aarika Wolf. Though inside sources have admitted to Calvin having an interest in Taylor, he would have to rid himself of the arm candy first. Calvin and Aarika have been dating for a short period, but have already done many celebrity couple things together. Arrika appeared in his “Blame” music video and they later began arriving at red carpets together.

It’s not likely that Calvin will be the guy for Taylor at this time. While Taylor continues to feel unsure of what the future has in store, love wise, she has received support from another young pop-star who recently got engaged herself. Lady Gaga took to Twitter to basically tell Taylor Swift not to give up in her search for love.

“Your Prince charming will come.”

Although Taylor and Calvin’s names weren’t written in the stars, it looks like Taylor Swift will eventually find someone to permanently fill the “Blank Space.”

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