Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo Does Different Fancy Footwork To Sell Shoes [Video]

Most people are used to Cristiano Ronaldo doing some fancy footwork on the soccer pitch, but he has now shown he can make other types of moves with his feet. Ronaldo makes these new moves in a commercial for his own new line of shoes, CR7.

Those feet won him the coveted 2014 Ballon d’Or, now he’s hoping they will also win him some footwear business.

In the video below, the Portuguese captain models the shoes while doing various dance moves. He even pays homage to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, with a little moon walking, strutting and twirling around to show off his shoes. There’s even some breakdancing involved, where Ronaldo does a back flip and some fancy spinning around on the floor.

Here’s Cristiano Ronaldo dancing in an ad for his new CR7 shoe line

— Cristiano Ronaldo (@CristianoUpdate) March 6, 2015

While Cristiano Ronaldo topped the list of richest footballers last Thursday, with an estimated fortune earned of $230 million, which far outdoes Lionel Messi’s mere $10.8 million, he wants to make more money with his footwear range, released in collaboration with Portugal Footwear. He apparently wants everyone to “Shine in his shoes.”

As mentioned in Trove, coming in both adult and junior sizes, the CR7 footwear range offers a range of basic desert boots at around $108 right up to a pair of fancy leather brogues for almost $600.

Reportedly Ronaldo’s talents don’t just stop there, as the Local reports he was caught on video last month singing karaoke with a Colombian singer, Kevin Roldan.

In that particular case, however, Cristiano got hit with a bit of criticism as his partying came just hours after Real Madrid lost 4-0 to their rivals, Atlético. However, the loss came just as Ronaldo celebrated his 30th birthday, so why shouldn’t the guy have some fun?

Cristiano Ronaldo

With all these talents and accomplishments, it seems Cristiano Ronaldo might be getting a tad vain, however. The Inquisitr notes the famous soccer player ensures a mannequin of himself, housed in a Madrid wax museum, is kept in tip-top condition by importing hair from India and by hiring a hairstylist to keep it perfectly groomed.

[Images: Screengrabs from YouTube video]