Maureen McCormick Dishes On Her Teenage Love Interest, Michael Jackson

Maureen McCormick, former child actor and America’s favorite big sister, who played Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch, had some big gossip to share. On the Australian show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! McCormick opened up about her innocent relationship with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, to the other contestants.

“I used to go over to their house all the time. We held hands. Kisses on the cheeks, never on the lips.”

McCormick went on to tell her fellow cast members of her time spent with the then-young Jackson. The two were dubbed an item when McCormick was 14-years-old and Jackson was 12-years-old. Though both were young, they were stars in their own respective fields. McCormick told her cast members that not only was she a fan of his work, but that Jackson and his brothers were a fan of her, and The Brady Bunch.

“Michael Jackson’s music has always been some of my favourite. I grew up with (the Jacksons) and I used to hang out in their house and hang out with Michael. He was so cute. He loved our show. They all did.”

McCormick’s cast mate, Chrissie Swan, a TV and radio host, was shocked to hear the sweet love story being told to her. Though Swan went on to tease McCormick that she had kissed every cast member on the lips during the show, and yet only kissed Jackson on the cheek.

“She obviously wasn’t putting the hard word on Michael Jackson like she has been on us,” Swan said. “We’ve all kissed her on the mouth, all of us, we’ve gone further than she did with Michael Jackson.”

McCormick revealed that they never really went through a break-up, and that she “went on to date a million other people.” As most know, McCormick went on to date her fellow cast member Barry Williams, who played her on-screen brother Greg Brady, and actor/comedian Steve Martin, to name a couple out of the million.

Anna Heinrich, who was reeling from the news, stated that it was the biggest piece of gossip she had heard on the show to date.

“You dated Michael Jackson — you serious? This is the biggest news the entire time I have been here. Oh my god!” Heinrich said.

This does come as pleasant news for Michael Jackson fans, with his wrongful death suit being brought to the California Supreme Court to be heard again.