Zayn Malik And Perrie Edwards Breakup Rumors: At Least Zayn Has Niall Horan To Smooch On [Video]

Treva Bowdoin

Zayn Malik may be a single man once again, but the evidence of his bachelorhood is a bit shaky. Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards hasn't been seen flaunting her engagement ring lately, and the absence of the bling has led to speculation that she and Zayn may have called off their engagement.

According to the Daily Mail, Perrie Edwards was photographed stepping out without her engagement ring on Thursday. Evidently she saw reports about the absence of the ring, because she was careful to keep her left hand out of view while she was being stalked by the paparazzi on Sunday. In photos of her outing, it almost looks like she's pouting. And in the Instagram snap below, it appears that Perrie is trying to cover up her left hand with her shirt sleeve.

Perrie Edwards Covering Left Hand

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Perrie recently defended her decision to show off her engagement ring from Zayn Malik. She used to sneak the bauble into Instagram photos like the one below, so it's unusual that she's suddenly covering up her left hand. Perrie shared her last picture of the ring on Tuesday, so if she and Zayn did break up, their rumored split happened pretty recently.

Perrie Edwards Engagement Ring

It's been weeks since Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have been seen together. One Direction has been on a break from their On the Road Again Tour, so if "Zerrie" is still together, they should be making up for lost time right now.

Fans probably won't be very shocked if Malik and Edwards eventually announce that they've decided to call it quits. They seem to have a hard time finding time to spend together, they're very young, and they don't seem to be in any rush to get married. However, it's important to point out that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards haven't responded to the breakup rumors, and the Daily Mail offered an alternate explanation for the absence of Perrie's ring -- a source claimed that Edwards isn't wearing it because it's being cleaned. It's possible that she dirtied it up because she loves it too much to ever take it off.

If Zayn Malik is a single man, at least he has another cute blonde to keep him company. Unreality TV recently shared a Vine video that shows Malik kissing band mate Niall Horan on the cheek during a One Direction concert. Zayn must be feeling pretty lonely if he's looking to his bandmates for physical affection.

What do you think of the Zerrie breakup rumors? Is it possible that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have decided to call it quits because Zayn has spent more time with his One Direction bandmates than he has with his fiancee?

[Image credits: Jason Merritt, Gareth Cattermole/Getty; Perrie Edwards/Instagram]