‘Empire’ On ‘SNL’ – ‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Fox TV Show, Adds A White Character [Video]

Empire SNL

With the Empire TV show being a runaway hit on Fox, as reported by Variety, it makes perfect sense that Saturday Night Live would create its own take on the successful hip-hop drama by creating this Empire Promo – SNL that has gone viral on YouTube, gaining 7,799 views in the 6 hours since the SNL video was uploaded to the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel.

SNL found a way to work hunky cohost Chris Hemsworth into Empire mix by hiring him to hang out with characters like Empire kingpin Lucious, who is played by Kenan Thompson instead of Terrance Howard — along with SNL‘s version of Cookie, played by the ageless Sasheer Zamata instead of the ageless Taraji P. Henson.

“Empire has already taken black American by storm, but what about white America? We’ve got you covered. We introduce a new character: Chip.”

Rounding out the Empire as portrayed by SNL cast are Jamal — normally portrayed brilliantly by Jussie Smolett, but Jay Pharoah takes on the role of the gay character. As far as the youngest “drip drop” singing and rapping brother named Hakeem, Michael Che takes on that SNL role, while Porsha is played by Leslie Jones, who looks a whole lot like the real Porsha character, hairstyle, skin tone and everything. One guesses SNL just didn’t have the time and story space for the oldest brother on Empire, who suffers from mental afflictions.

Chip has a hard time fitting in with the Empire crew soon after he is introduced as the new office manager, and insults the team by asking if anyone does any real work about the place. Cookie’s hot temper is on display as she throws an item at Chip, and later — in a scene pulled straight from the Empire script — Cookie beats her disrespectful youngest son with a broom as Chip backs out of the room. Other Empire-mocking scenes from SNL show Chip trying to get the youngest two sons to sign a birthday card for Cookie, and gather expense report receipts from Porsha, who ends up flipping him the bird instead.

The real Empire TV show continues to make news and break all kinds of viewing records. As reported by the Inquisitr, Jussie Smollett continues to make news because of his sexuality, especially in light of his Empire co-star Malik Yoba reporting to Black Film that Smollett is indeed gay, but then Malik later claimed that he was misquoted when backlash erupted online as folks criticized Yoba for outing Jussie.

[Image via Empire promo on SNL YouTube channel]