Xbox 360 On the Verge of Extinction?

Is the Xbox 360 on the verge of extinction? Owners of the popular Microsoft gaming system, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and other gaming platforms of the recent past are beginning to deal with a harsh reality. The idea that many of the newly released games are not going to be available for the last gen gaming consoles.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is dominating the gaming market with advanced graphics and top-level features that their predecessors did not package.

Thoughts regarding the end comes after the developers of the soon to be released Mad Max video game based off the summer big budget movie will not be created for older platforms.

Video game developers Dave Lang and Brad Muir discuss the current status of the Xbox 360 and other consoles in this Game Spot video. Owners of the hit Xbox 360 system be afraid. There is building evidence that it may be time to hit the stores for a gaming upgrade. As Lang and Muir goes on to explain, the disparaging quality and the lack of eye-popping sales are dooming the gaming gadgets we became attached to in the earlier portion of this decade.

In an effort to keep Xbox 360 gamers satisfied, Microsoft is constantly releasing free and discounted games for download. Sony has followed suit. The other big name in town is Nintendo, who have focused primarily on dominating the handheld market.

Is Microsoft’s best-selling system doing a death kneel?

Not so fast says Microsoft.

Some owners of the Xbox 360 can breathe a sigh of relief. As reported by The Verge, Microsoft is launching an Xbox 360 preview program. Invitations to this program will come via an Xbox Live message. 360 gamers will be selected to test out dashboard updates, as well as other features much like select Xbox One owners have in a program that began one year ago.

Xbox 360 owners are also now allowed to claim the download access of the games available on the Xbox One digital library. Microsoft is hoping to offer last gen owners an incentive for purchasing the newer, shinier console. Both moves will help gamers decide what to do with their older system before making the leap to the Xbox One.

It is a wise move by Microsoft to target the owners of the nearly 10-year old product. Essentially they are saying to those who have not transitioned over to the new console that they understand any and all concerns. The options that they have provided, proves this to be true.

Is the Xbox 360 doing its last dance in gaming prominence? As developers prepare for life after the gaming system, Microsoft has created some ways to keep everyone happy. Owners of the Xbox 360 will have the ability to ease their transition, while not being completely shut out of the gaming market.

[Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images]