Did ‘Walking Dead’s’ Steven Yeun Just Hint That Negan Is Coming Soon? [Spoilers]

Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun (who plays Glenn Rhee — the guy who went from delivering pizza to outrunning zombies, all in the space of an apocalypse) might have just dropped a hint about a character we’re to see in the near future: Negan. The possible hint came in the form of a retweet, and if you’re not familiar with the character, well, he and Glenn are due for a fateful encounter, if the series follows the comics (which, it should be noted, it hasn’t always done.)

So, what hint did Yeun drop? A simple retweet. Here’s the thing, though — hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tweets are directed at Steven Yeun on a daily basis. He doesn’t respond to many (who would have time to respond to so many?), and retweets fewer. So, when the guy whose character is expected to have a pretty serious run-in with Negan retweets about him, it could be serious business.

The tweet originally came from the Goku Twitter feed, and to understand it in context, you have to know that Goku is an anime character — the main character of the Dragon Ball series, and that Dragon Balls are spheres in the same anime that allow the holder to call forth a wish-granting dragon. In short, they’d be handy to have if you were in mortal danger.

So, the Goku account tweeted to Steven Yeun, as so many people across Twitter do every day, and had this to say.

Hey, @steveyeun! We've gathered the Dragon Balls for you! You know, just in case. #Negan #TWD

— Goku (@Goku) March 8, 2015

More importantly, Yeun found it worthy of a retweet.

Walking Dead's Steven Yeun shares a Negan tweet -- does it mean anything?

Now, maybe Yeun is just a Dragon Ball fan, or just thought the tweet was funny, but we already know that, if the show follows the comics in this particular storyline, Negan is due to appear before too long, and we’ve seen other bits of foreshadowing for it. A major one was Glenn picking up the baseball bat in the mid-season premiere. (A baseball bat named Lucille is Negan’s weapon of choice.)

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) about the speculation aroused by the bat — and Lincoln didn’t exactly confirm that Negan was coming soon, but did say that he expected it.

Now we have Steven Yeun picking a Negan tweet out of all the messages he sees as the one to retweet? It looks like Negan is coming — and the bigger question is whether we can expect his storyline with Glenn to follow that of the comics.

[Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]