Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Will Hit Stores Before iPad Pro

It was thought that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 would face stiff competition from Apple's upcoming iPad Pro. However, according to many sources, including Know Your Mobile, production on Apple's new tablet has been delayed. It appears that a problem with supply parts is what's causing the delay, and the iPad Pro may not see the light of day until September.

This is a good time for Microsoft to release the Surface Pro 4, although sources say that may not happen until July. It still gives them a step ahead of Apple. Some have speculated that the release would be earlier than July since prices on the Surface Pro 3 have already been slashed.

According to PC Pro, the Surface Pro 4 will have two models: a 12-inch one and one with a 14-inch screen. Both will have a 2160x1440 screen resolution. Both will have an Intel Core M Broadwill chip. This means the Surface Pro 4 will be even more of a laptop replacement than the Surface Pro 3, which Joe Osborne of Tech Radar described as one of the best hybrid devices.

"This is not only Microsoft's most striking and versatile device to date, but the most convincing poster child for the hybrid category yet. And this ringing endorsement comes from a long-time skeptic of such devices...The Surface Pro 3 might not be perfect, but it's far and wide the brightest shining example of a potential tablet takeover."

In addition to the Surface Pro 4, some have speculated that the Surface Pro Mini, a long rumored device, will finally see the light of day. According to IT PRO, the Surface Pro Mini could see a release date this fall, around the same time Windows 10 is released. The Surface Pro Mini is rumored to have an eight-inch screen and a powerful processor. The device was expected to be released in June of 2014, but it has been alleged that Microsoft backed out due to defects and the fact that the market was already over-saturated.

The Surface Pro has really put Microsoft, considered to be irrelevant just a couple years ago, back into the game. The Surface Pro 4 will likely continue to attract business customers who want a full operating system on a tablet-sized device. There is no word on whether or not Microsoft plans to update its Type Cover, which was radically redesigned for the Surface Pro 3. Will you be purchasing a Surface Pro 4? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: CNET]