2 Police Officers Arrested For Abusing Their 3-Month-Old Son Causing Brain Injuries [Video]

Two South Carolina police officers were accused of child neglect and ultimately arrested and charged Friday, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division reported to WSOC-TV.

Officer Jeff Taylor, 45, and Chester Officer Audrey Schurig, 36, were arrested for the injuries sustained by their 3-month-old baby boy.

On Sunday, February 15, Officer Taylor and Officer Schurig took their baby to Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina, when he began displaying seizure-like symptoms. It was quickly determined that the baby had suffered brain and neck injuries.

Live 5 News reports the baby boy was immediately flown to the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, for treatment, where he remains hospitalized in critical condition.

South Carolina State Police officials took over the investigation as a child abuse case. As part of their investigation, the officials seized Schurig’s cell phone while she was with her baby at Levine’s Children’s Hospital.

No further information has been released, nor has any explanation been given by the two officers as to how their baby sustained these horrible injuries, as per WSOC-TV.

Jeff Taylor resigned from his position on Wednesday while Audrey Schurig is on suspension without pay, as reported by the Chester Police Department.

Currently, the two police officers are being held in Mecklenburg County while their baby fights for his life.

Taylor has been charged with abuse to inflict great bodily injury on a child, in addition to he and Schurig both being charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

[Photo Credit: WSOC-TV.com]