Tim Tebow Attempting NFL Comeback, Set To Participate In NFL Veteran Combine This Month

Tim Tebow is one of the most popular college football players of all time. In 2010, Tebow entered the season as a back up to Kyle Orton, but after Orton under-performed for the first number of regular season games, Tebow replaced him for the remainder of the season. He managed to go on a winning streak, beating several notable teams. He even got a Playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, yet many have written Tebow off since then. The main issue with Tebow has always come down to his accuracy, which was a question many had in college when it came to Tim. His throw was also questionable, which was why many questioned if he’d be drafted in the 1st Round.

Many felt that Tim Tebow was worthy of a shot in some way, but then Denver Head Coach Josh McDaniels felt Tebow was worthy of a first round pick. Sadly, Denver’s upper brass was not a fan. Despite leading them to the playoffs and securing a win with an otherwise terrible Denver offense, the Broncos let Tim Tebow go in favor of veteran Peyton Manning.

It made total sense in reality, as Manning was…well…Manning.

Tebow managed to get back in the NFL for a small period of time when he briefly played for the New York Jets and New England Patriots. Despite a good first impression with the Jets it simply didn’t work out. Meanwhile, it was said that the Pats liked Tebow, but was unable to bring him on the roster as they only carry two QBs most of the time. Ryan Mallet was the back-up who had been with New England for some time at that point.

Now, it appears that the popular face of Tim Tebow could be seen on a football field in a uniform once again.

According to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, Tebow has been working out with Tom House. House is the personal coach of New England Patriots’ star Tom Brady. House told Volin it’s possible Tim Tebow enters his name in this month’s veteran scouting combine.

“He went from being a little inaccurate and didn’t throw a whole lot of spirals, to throwing very accurate and real good at spinning the ball.”

Tebow field

Tom Brady is not a bad Quarterback, so working with his coach is probably a great idea. If House thinks he is worthy of a chance, that is a great reference. Of course, Tebow would have to prove himself at the veteran combine.

The NFL Veteran Combine is relatively new to the NFL, but very much worth the addition to the NFL calendar.

The event will show off free agents and veterans who would otherwise not get an opportunity to land on an NFL team like a top free agent might. This could be a way to find a diamond in the rough type of talent.

Tim Tebow is still relatively young at just 27 years old. In his first NFL stint, he managed to throw for 2,422 yards and 17 touchdowns against nine interceptions. He is also only slightly under a 50 percent completion rating. Keep in mind as well that unlike many other QBs who might be at the combine, Tebow can run and barrel over people in the process. He was considered one of the toughest players in the game when played in college. Most would see this type of thing and immediately want to pick him up.

The issue is that he needs to show a better throw. If he can prove to be accurate, many will be interested in at least bringing him in to work on a scout team. Tebow has been with ESPN since his move away from the NFL, but if he lands a job with the NFL he can probably say goodbye to his ESPN job. This is something he’d be more than willing to give up for an opportunity with the NFL as the ESPN job will always be open for him in the future.

The Veteran Combine takes place on March 22. So we could very well hear of teams interested in the Heisman Trophy winning QB by then. Tim Tebow is never a bad locker room addition, so let’s hope he gets an opportunity.

[IMG Credits: USA Today, derekjohnsonmuses]