Kail Lowry And Amber Portwood Respond To Farrah Abraham’s Diss

Farrah Abraham has upset some of her fellow Teen Mom franchise stars yet again. Earlier in the week, Farrah posted a tweet that many took to be a diss of Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and Kail Lowry.

In a tweet, Farrah questioned why there aren’t more children on book covers. Amber, Catelynn, and Kail have all released their own memoirs. Unlike Farrah, they did not put their offspring on their book covers.


When Kail realized what happened, thanks to a fan who directed her to Farrah’s tweet, she quickly dismissed Farrah.


Kail later posted a tweet that showed how angry she was at what Farrah implied. “I’m not a great mom because my sons are not on my book cover, everyone,” she wrote.

Kail, who stars on Teen Mom 2, later wrote that Farrah should be supporting rather than criticizing her fellow reality TV stars.


She then told Farrah to get her act together. “Low blows for no reason though? Get it together girl,” she wrote.

Unlike Kail Lowry, Amber Portwood was more diplomatic in her approach. Instead of directly slamming Farrah Abraham, Amber simply provided an explanation as to why her book, Never Too Late, features just a solo photo of her on the cover.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amber actually said the kindest words about Farrah’s surprise return to Teen Mom. While Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout admitted that they opposed Farrah’s return, Amber was more open.

“It’s just shocking sometimes, to me, when I knew Farrah… she would never do something like that, and when I found out she did, I was in prison… I can’t really judge much on anything.”

While Amber and her ex, Gary Shirley, have had a tumultuous relationship and often fight with one another as they try to co-parent their child together, even he had something to say about the book cover drama. In response to Amber’s tweet, he posted a tweet that seemed to remind people to stay civil and support one another.


So far, Catelynn Lowell has not responded to Farrah’s tweet. Catelynn may have decided to just ignore Farrah’s questionable words after their previous drama. During the two women’s appearance on the Couples Therapy reunion show, which aired on September 2014, Catelynn and her partner, Tyler Baltierra, directly confronted Farrah about her comment to the press that Catelynn and Tyler’s decision to have another child was a poor decision. Farrah tried to defend herself by saying that her quote was taken out of context.

In an interview with TV Guide in late February, the show’s executive producer said that Farrah Abraham was brought back to Teen Mom, which premieres on Monday, March 23, because the show just wasn’t complete without her.

“Just looking at those three stories, ultimately, there was a feeling that something was missing and having a fourth perspective — the four different journeys and four different sets of consequences, all stemming from Teen Mom — that was the right way to go.”

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]